Sign on the Window

DJ Smith

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Welcome to Sign on the Window, a weekly podcast from Daniel and Kelly on Bob Dylan. This isn’t a podcast on nostalgia or some jog around historical tombs, this is an attempt to listen (in this case) to a piece of art, let it into our lives for a week, and meet back together to talk about it. Because no art is made in a vacuum, we explore Dylan and his era and his life as well as our era and our lives. Oh, we have lots of fun too!

Because life is a simple twist of fate, we let the random gods decide which direction we will head in, by way of our extensive (if not exhaustive) list, and talk about it in depth – from initial reactions and historical context to musicality and lyrical verbosity – while talking about the life that each of us are leading. Our latest episodes are below:




To explore all our episodes, in order, visit our Listen page. To explore Dylan’s discography (a new album will be posted in chronological enough order once we cover a song), click on your favorites below. From there, listen and/or read detailed show notes to get a better grasp on one of the world’s greatest musicians. (And to see what fun ideas and concepts we’ve got cookin’ up, see Maybe Someday to follow along!)

bob-dylan-album-1962 The-Freewheelin-Bob-Dylan 51ssTrHGUwL maxresdefault8d0670c1db774f509785b1c87968a8d5.png 9501-the-bootleg-series-vol-6-bob-dylan-live-1964-concert-at-philharmonic-hall.jpg 1964 - Bringing It All Back Home 71kbAAdrzGL._SL1500_ c2737d1d0b954f4bba41bce603726808 71EOemZS6oL._SL1500_.jpg basement-tapes 71jFBSrV4TL._SX522_ R-1485331-1312855985.jpeg 1970 - Self-Portrait Unknown 1974 - Planet Waves 1975 - Blood on the Tracks BOB_DYLAN_ROLLING+THUNDER+REVUE+[THE+BOOTLEG+SERIES+VOLUME+5]-508800 bdylan-desire_08 1978 - Street Legal R-4888941-1378594981-3106.jpeg BOB_DYLAN_SHOT+OF+LOVE+-+SEALED-450722 AO9c2Wr image biograph 0001437772 61G5D8E73JL 1988 - Down in the Groove 1989 - Oh Mercy 1990 - Under the Red Sky TBLS01-03 - Unreleased 0000139378 1200x630bb 2001-%22love-theft%22 2006 - Modern Times TBLS08 - Tell Tale Signs 61N1RHAZGAL trip-cover_5x5 Bob-Dylan-Tempest

Wondering where we are in time? See our rotating playlist, “See That My Playlist Is Kept Clean,” updated every Thursday after Mixed Up Confusion. If you’re wondering these playlists go, don’t fret: each week’s collaboration will be in each individual show notes. Get listenin’.



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