Welcome to Sign on the Window

With the first episode is in the bag, Kelly and I felt as if we should introduce ourselves. You’ve found our website so, that’s a start. We also have a Twitter, a Facebook, YouTube, some Spotify playlists, and even Untappd to keep up with the new beers we’ll savor each week.

In short, this podcast is about two friends keeping in touch. Kelly and I have known one another for five years but it was when she took off on a year-and-a-half journey across the entire world that I kinda lamented that we didn’t keep in better contact (and seven hour Skype sessions once every five months were just getting out of hand). So when she returned — for now — we mused on how talk at least once a week. I’d had a dream about Dylan — as ya do — and, over a few drinks, this idea was born.

While I love the idea of just talking (even if we’re the only ones listening) or this being the weirdest narrative podcast ever as Kelly listens to every single Dylan song, one week at a time, for a decade, don’t miss a week!, to determine if the man gets a thumbs up or thumbs down, this podcast is mainly about art.

By taking each Dylan song, one by one, and placing them each on the same table, I feel like we can critically engage in previously unknown ways. For Kelly, each song provides a new glimpse as she’s never heard it before; for me, each song is another chance to find a bigger dud than “Wiggle Wiggle,” and, yeah yeah, to approach these songs I know by heart with a new angle.

If we’re working on the idea that one of the world’s biggest issues is our inability to critically think for ourselves, I’d ask you where does one start to gain that ability back? Sure, this may be, at its heart, a silly podcast among friends with Bob Dylan as a foil for our own thoughts, dreams, fears and insecurities. Yet, don’t we all use the art we consume as metaphor for all of the ways we feel? I see Sign on the Window as a logical step in people trying to reclaim what art — paintings, music, movies, books, stories, ideas —means.

So, if you’re here to check things out or see if we’re two people you want to invest any time in, before you go back to your life, take a few moments with the whirring world around you and try to slow it down and think about it more than you normally do. And if you decide to stick with us, or jump in whenever you’re free, we may not have the answers we all crave, but we’ll sure be questioning everything we can.

Published by Daniel

Occasional writer, persistent nomad; restless, moving, changing. Currently in Portland, Oregon.

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