Shhhhh! It’s Sign on the Window | Three’s no crowd | Take 2 | The same two Rainiers as “last week” | “Paradise Is You” by La Roux | This is a Bob Dylan podcast btw | Quintessential | Did you Google garage rock? | “Hate To Say I Told You So” by The Hives | “upbeat” and “mumble,” “jangly guitars” and “organs” | blurry Bob | Spotify playlist | I’m Not There | “I Want to Be Your Man” by The Beatles | “Please make it stop. Please someone be his man.” | Dimensional musings mixed with dental hygiene | Gay undertaker is gay | Gay masked man is gay | Biograph nonsense and longing for lost cuts… sorry Daniel, “Abandoned Love” ain’t gonna make Desire, deal | Blonde on Blonde radar | “Coma Girl” by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros | “IT’S ME HAIR ISLAND. ME HAIR ISLAND.” | Phrasing | Alan Lomax | “Parchman Farm” by Bukka White | “Jumpin’ Judy” recorded live by Alan Lomax | “Hundreds of forced labor camps came to exist, scattered throughout the South—operated by state and county governments, large corporations, small-time entrepreneurs, and provincial farmers. These bulging slave centers became a primary weapon of suppression of black aspirations. Where mob violence or the Ku Klux Klan terrorized black citizens periodically, the return of forced labor as a fixture in black life ground pervasively into the daily lives of far more African Americans.” – Douglas Blackmon, Slavery By Another Name | Lomax the Songhunter | “Folklore can show us that this dream is age-old and common to all mankind. It asks that we recognize the cultural rights of weaker peoples in sharing this dream. And it can make their adjustment to a world society an easier and more creative process. The stuff of folklore—the orally transmitted wisdom, art and music of the people can provide ten thousand bridges across which men of all nations may stride to say, “You are my brother.” – Alan Lomax | Mississippi Blues Trail | “Jumpin’ Judy” by Odetta | Rasputin | @sotwpod | | Phaedra | Recounting our loves from a park bench | Hungry? | SotW Halloween party! | Kelly’s recommendations: Community gas leak season and Man In the High Castle | Lost and DRINK | Daniel’s recommendation: After the Party by The Menzingers |

Random noise | 1-661 | 213: “Tangled Up in Blue” | Guitar Hero | Goodbye fans and mom!

Published by Daniel

Occasional writer, persistent nomad; restless, moving, changing. Currently in Portland, Oregon.

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