Episode 4. “Cold Irons Bound.” Time Out of Mind. Apartment. March 16, 2017.

Every podcast has that one episode that is recorded and just disappears. I’m glad this happened so early in the podcast. We recorded in the bunker, I lost the episode, and then “recreated” the episode on the floor of the apartment I just moved into the day before going to trivia. It sounds slightly like an airplane hanger, but it’s another one for the time capsule.

As for the song, Rudyard Kipling’s poem Cold Iron” (1910) may have been the inspiration for the title.

So he made rebellion gainst the King his liege,

Camped before his citadel and summoned it to siege.

 Nay!’ said the cannoneer on the castle wall,

But Iron Cold Iron shall be master of you all!’

Kelly and I talk about the song, what “cold irons bound” meant, what’s the deal with the sky of blood, and attempt to talk about “mathematical music” from Chronicles.

Recommendations (20:00): Kelly recommends The Good Place. Daniel recommends Stormzy, Priests and Western Addiction.

Endings (24:30): Kelly wasn’t guessing songs yet! We were at 660 songs. #361 – Planet Waves.

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