006 – “Outlaw Blues”

“It makes you want to do cool shit.”

This week’s episode features 1965’s “Outlaw Blues” off Dylan’s “Bringing It All Back Home.” | We talk blues, appropriation and get deeper into w1hat we want from this podcast. | Full show notes at sotwpod.wordpress.com

1964 - Bringing It All Back Home

006 Outlaw Blues”

  • (0:00) Just need my Introduction rug and I’ll be set
  • (1:04) We’re like Old Faithful / this song kicks so much ass” it makes you want to do cool shit” Kelly / Having fun & pent up aggression from the original trilogy with just Bob and his guitar
  • (3:10) Outlaw Blues”
  • “It made me just want to day-dream and not do anything” Kelly (4:13)
  • (4:42) Harmonica
  • (4:50) My Generation” The Who
  • The first of many talks about The Blues (intro with Little Wing” by Mike Bloomfield)
    • Musical bonades: Kelly is a weirdo loves 90s music and music from the 30s-40s
    • Blues schisms: blues and jazz moving apart after WWII
    • “Liza (All the Cloud’ll Roll Away)” by Thelonious Monk
    • Alan Lomax (8:00) on blues / talking about styles (8:52)
    • Cultural appropriation contours (9:15)
      • (19:00) The point of this podcast to view Dylan through a bunch of lenses art, history, music, etc and while this one may be the simplest, it also lent itself to a great conversation about the blues
      • Appropriation is misappropriation (see Great Wall, Ghost in the Shell / Avril, Katy, Aston, etc.)
      • Broad brush (10:00) and super overview of blues” in the US and the differences between reverence and revenue, stealing and borrowing. To conflate, in a sentence, that all culture is stolen from black people in the US is shallow and wrong. The systemic tide that keeps black people under boot in this country aren’t a one-to-one for Dylan stealing from Leadbelly or something. (10:40) A political, cultural, social apparatus” versus stealing from black people.” / tempting to keep them separate the human from the machine, if you will and see the intersections of art and politics, violence and creation; (maybe quote Stamped From the Beginning here?)
      • (13:55) In the end, the argument is about racism, about loving rock music  but hating black people, which happens. We discuss Lomax’s view in I Wanna Be Your Lover” so I’ll repeat what he said and reiterate that now.
      • Little Richard (11:50)
      • The human element of the blues the depth of feeling that you just know, apropos of history, culture, time, location. Like all good music  
      • Leadbelly, Woody, Cisco We Shall Be Free” (12:50)
      • (14:55) You should be able to enjoy music if you’re a shitty racist” Kelly
      • Dylan quote in 2004 on folk tradition (16:10) / (16:35) Bob Nolan Tumbling Tumbleweeds”
      • (17:20) Seegar’s view on Dylan / Ramblin’ Jack quote
      • (18:00) Marc Maron & Amy Shumer joke stealing incident we all listen to each other and get stuff stuck in our heads or we both had the same thought at the same time / to have an original idea” (if there is such a thing) one needs to listen, open up, be honest and have a sense of integrity be willing to learn
    • (20:50) When I Paint My Masterpiece”
    • The song (21:10) verse-by-verse
      • Is it a narrative or vignettes?
      • (24:30) Verse 2 on Jesse James and Robert Ford / comment on folk scene
      • (26:18) Verse 3 on Australia
      • (26:48) Verse 4 on good-luck black tooth & sunglasses / don’t ask me nothin about nothin I just might tell you the truth”
      • (28:03) Verse 5
    • (28:10) The closing of the episode / memory is so short in the country and we want to rail against it! 
    • Recommendations:
      • Kelly: Sneaker Pimps Becoming X (with Buffy shout) Spin Spin Sugar”
          • Daniel: Chuck Berry all, Big Boys”; Mt. Eerie A Crow Looked At Me
          • s
    • Surprise end with Triplicate announcement!
    • 1-658: 000
    • 36:40: Dead Kennedy’s Nazi Punks Fuck Off”



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