Episode 14. “Wallflower.” The Bootleg Series: Vol. 1-3. Bunker. June 1,  2017.

“Wallflower” was recorded on November 4, 1971 in New York City. Clinton Heylin’s notes are worth quoting in full for this song (in Revolution in the Air):

Evidently recorded as a potential B side to the George Jackson’ single, nothing perhaps exemplifies the dearth of inspiration that now ensnared Dylan than the reemergence of Wallflower’ the following October, as a half-hearted duet with Doug Sahm at sessions for a Sahm Band album on Atlantic.  That Dylan should even remember such an insignificant song a year after he wrote it demonstrates someone largely working from a tabula rasa when it came to his songwriting. Reminded about the song during a radio special to promote the first Bootleg Series on which it features Dylan described it as just a sad song . . . one of those pathetic situations in life that can be so overwhelming at times.”

Bob ended up giving the song to Doug Sahm and recording it with him, a ploy by Atlantic to get Dylan to sign (which would come to naught).

The song was lovely, if weak. Did Jakob Dylan get his band’s title from the song? And what about it being covered: Diana Krall, Ironweed, David Bromberg Quartet and the Holmes Brothers.

Recommendations: Daniel listened to Justin Townes Earle and just all of the Mountain Goats.

Endings. Kelly guessed #34  “Little Maggie” from Good As I Been to You. But it was #39,  Dylan & The Dead.

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