014 – “Wallflower”

Episode 14. “Wallflower.” The Bootleg Series: Vol. 1-3. Bunker. June 1,  2017.

“Wallflower” was recorded on November 4, 1971 in New York City. Clinton Heylin’s notes are worth quoting in full for this song (in Revolution in the Air):

Evidently recorded as a potential B side to the George Jackson’ single, nothing perhaps exemplifies the dearth of inspiration that now ensnared Dylan than the reemergence of Wallflower’ the following October, as a half-hearted duet with Doug Sahm at sessions for a Sahm Band album on Atlantic.  That Dylan should even remember such an insignificant song a year after he wrote it demonstrates someone largely working from a tabula rasa when it came to his songwriting. Reminded about the song during a radio special to promote the first Bootleg Series on which it features Dylan described it as just a sad song . . . one of those pathetic situations in life that can be so overwhelming at times.”

  • The Doug Sahm affair was a ploy by Atlantic to get Dylan to sign but nope


  • Lovely, if weak
  • Did Jakob Dylan get the title from this song? Couldn’t find a cover… What does Bob think of his son?


  • Talk about all the songs God Only Knows,” Touche Amore (as a contrast to the sweetness of Wallflower”) , Muppets, Soundgarden, Cake (heard the pink flowers” line, referencing death see Touche but the song waltzes like Wallflower” too)
  • Doug Sahm
  • Diana Krall
  • Ironweed
  • David Bromberg Quartet
  • The Holmes Brothers

Recommendations: Justin Townes Earle / all of the Mountain Goats
Kelly guess: 34 – “Little Maggie” from Good As I Been

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