59 Dreams”

Supplemental 002. Episode 59 of Theme Time Radio Hour.


Open with Dylan’s monologue around 5:00. 



Talk about dreams

  • my dream of drowning in the pier
  • my dreams of life when I was 20 / and where I want to go
  • ever had a lucid dream? sleep paralysis?
  • Dylan and Elvis Costello: But this does give me a chance to talk about Stephen Foster for a minute. Thanks for calling.” 
  • Roy Orbison was in The Traveling Willbury’s
  • Common dreams: being ill or attacked / dying / car / house or property damage / poor test scores / falling / flying / naked in public / missing boat / machine malfunctions / sex / natural or man-made disasters / being lost / menaced by the dead candy colored clowns?

Published by Daniel

Occasional writer, persistent nomad; restless, moving, changing. Currently in Portland, Oregon.

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