Episode 62
“Dreamin’ of You.”
The Bootleg Series, Volume 8.
The Backyard.
#5 of Music Video Month 2018.
Recorded July 22, 2018.

Context (8:00)

Recorded in the Time Out of Mind sessions and part of the original track list for the record, it was cut along with “Mississippi” and “Red River Shore.” Apparently, there are two versions of the song but may just be built atop one another. This was the single released prior to the release of The Bootleg Series, Volume 8: Tell Tale Signs in 2008. It’s never been played live.

Song Itself (10:00)

Daniel and Kelly talk about the soulful intro (harkening back to “Cold Irons Bound”) as well as the idea of “improving” a song and if this stands on its own (as many lines were stripped from here and used in “Standing In the Doorway”). The song is full of disparate images – haunting, romantic, meta, beautiful, natural, nostalgic, grateful – that makes this required listening. 

Mixed Up Confusion

In addition to our episode on “Dreamin’ of You,” we closed out Music Video Month in style, out in the backyard, talking (at length) about the Dylan’s video as well as the music videos that influenced us in our lives. Come listen!

Recommendations (27:00)

To continue the saga from previous weeks, Minus the Bear tickets have been bought! While the final Seattle show (which turned into 3 final shows due to demand) sold out almost immediately, we snuck into the final Portland show on December 13! So excited.

Kelly went to the Portland Queer Comedy Festival and talks about seeing Belinda Carroll, Julie Goldman, and others (and being on Dumb Gay Politics).

Daniel listed to Chance the Rapper’s new singles (“I Might Need Security,” “Work Out,” “Wala Cam,” and “65th and Ingleside”), Wilson Pickett’s The Exciting Wilson Pickett and played a ton of Far Cry 5.


I’m surprised we even remembered how to randomly pick a song because it’s been so long. Out of 469 songs left, Kelly guessed #420. That would have been Fallen Angels, which wouldn’t’ work. It’s #227, “Walkin’ Down the Line.”

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