Episode 69
“Bring Me a Little Water.”
The Bootleg Series, Volume 10.
Recorded October 6, 2018.

Context (3:30)

This song was recorded during his recording of Self Portrait. Not a lot is known beyond this being one of the covers he was interested in.

The song is older than Dylan and usually credited to Lead Belly and in Alan Lomax’s Folk Songs of North America

Song Itself (8:00)

Dylan expands the scope of the song, using just the refrain. It’s like what he did to “Tell Ol’ Bill,” except he just rewrote that song under a traditional title. We get a fleshed out version of Sylvie, from Florida, who brings the narrator milk, honey, slops, beans, coconuts, candy and turnip greens.

I mean, it’s fine. There’s a few of these every season (“Don’t You Try Me Now” was our Season 1 culprit) so we welcome it. 


This was a weak song but our playlist was great.

Welcome back to the playlist: Lead Belly, Jason Isbell, Bowie, Foals, Kayne, Sanitgold, Red City Radio

Welcome to the playlist: Adele, Melissa Ethridge, Cobra Skulls, Cibo Matto, Sneaker Pimps (“Waterbaby” which sounds just like Buffy I walk through the fire before it gets funky), Felly, Luscious Jackson, Al Foul, Evanescence, Petrol Girls, Psychic Friend, Blaque, Black Moth Super Rainbow

Recommendations (23:00)

Kelly caught up on Better Call Saul and listened to Hop Along all week.

Daniel listened to new records by Marissa Nadler (For My Crimes), hopesfall (Arbiter), Gouge Away (Burnt Sugar) and the great Restorations (LP5000).

Endings (29:00)

There are 441 songs left. Kelly guessed #402. It would have been our first song from Dylan’s Christian period this year, “Heart of Mine.” Instead, it’s #420 (again…) “On the Road Again” from Bringing It All Back Home.

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