Tonight, Night 1, features post-1978 tracks and 1968’s masterpiece, Music From Big Pink.

Before we begin, one must understand the formula for these run of nights (2:00) as well as just who is The Band (5:45). Then, we open with the post-Last Waltz material (9:00):

  • Jericho songs (10:00)
  • High on the Hog songs (12:15)
  • Jubilation songs (14:00)

Before the main event, Music From Big Pink (26:00):

  • “Tears of Rage” (33:00)
  • “To Kingdom Come” (37:40)
  • “In a Station” (38:30)
  • “Caledonia Mission” (40:45)
  • “The Weight” (42:30)
  • “We Can Talk” (50:00)
  • “Long Black Veil” (52:45)
  • “Chest Fever” (54:10)
  • “Lonesome Suzie” (59:00)
  • “This Wheel’s on Fire” (1:01:05)
  • “I Shall Be Released” (1:05:15)

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