Band Month, Night 2 (Mixed Up Confusion)

On this night, Night 2, The Band features 1977’s Islands and closes with 1969’s The Band.

Right as rain, the show begins with Islands, described by Kelly as akin to “sci-fi merry-go-rounds,” “Community hold music,” and “half Randy Newman, half SNL theme song,” to say nothing of the organ that “turns it into a clown nightmare” and “porny” synths.

  • “Right As Rain” (4:30)
  • “Street Walker” (6:00)
  • “Let the Night Fall” (7:50)
  • “Ain’t That A Lot of Love” (8:45)
  • “Christmas Must Be Tonight” (10:00)
  • “Islands” (12:20)
  • “The Saga of Pepote Rogue” (14:00)
  • “Georgia on My Mind” (16:30)
  • “Knockin’ Last John” (17:30)
  • “Livin’ in a Dream” (18:15)

Final Thoughts on Islands (19:00) before the showcase of showcases, The Band (22:45):

  • “Across the Great Divide” (25:30)
  • “Rag Mama Rag” (29:00)
  • “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” (31:30)
  • “When You Awake” (40:30)
  • “Up on Cripple Creek” (42:30)
  • “Whispering Pines” (46:30)
  • “Jemima Surrender” (50:00)
  • “Rockin’ Chair” (54:30)
  • “Look Out, Cleveland” (56:15)
  • “Jawbone” (57:30)
  • “Unfaithful Servant” (59:40)
  • “King Harvest (Will Surely Come)” (1:02:45)

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