Band Month, Night 3 (Mixed Up Confusion)

Mixed Up Confusion is our vehicle to discuss the culture that surrounds our weekly conversation about Bob Dylan. And because you’re here on Patreon, you’re getting this early! This is the third episode of November’s Band Month!

On this night, Night 3, The Band features 1970’s Stage Fright and closes with 1975’s Northern Lights – Southern Cross.

Like strawberry wine, the show begins with STAGE FRIGHT:

  • Strawberry Wine (3:00)
  • Sleeping (5:40)
  • Time to Kill (7:30)
  • Just Another Whistle Stop (9:30)
  • All La Glory (11:30)
  • The Shape I’m In (13:30)
  • W.S. Walcott Medicine Show (16:45)
  • Daniel and the Sacred Harp (19:15)
  • Stage Fright (22:00)
  • The Rumor (24:30)

Final Thoughts on Stage Fright before Northern Lights – Southern Cross(28:30):

  • Forbidden Fruit (30:15)
  • Hobo Jungle (32:00)
  • Ophelia (33:00)
  • Acadian Driftwood (37:30)
  • Ring Your Bell (47:00)
  • Makes No Difference (48:45)
  • Jupiter Hollow (50:30)
  • Rags and Bones (53:00)

SEE YOU at Night 4 cahoots, moondogs!

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