Mixed Up Confusion is our vehicle to discuss the culture that surrounds our weekly conversation about Bob Dylan. And because you’re here on Patreon, you’re getting this early! This is the fourth episode of November’s Band Month!

It is Night 4 and everyone’s getting a bit sleepy but the The Band is here to perform 1973’s Moondog Matinee and 1971’s Cahoots.

Wo doesn’t like covers? Well… we begin with Moondog:

  • “Ain’t Got No Home” (6:30)
  • “Holy Cow” (9:00)
  • “Share Your Love With Me”(10:45)
  • “Mystery Train” (13:30) and an aside on the film, Ghost Dog
  • “Third Man Theme”(19:00)
  • “Promised Land” (22:16)
  • “The Great Pretender” (23:30)
  • “I’m Ready” — “Saved”(unlistenable, but not enthused)
  • “A Change is Gonna Come” (25:20)

After a brief pause, it’s time for Cahoots:

  • “Life is a Carnival” (30:00)
  • “When I Paint My Masterpiece” (33:45)
  • “Last of the Blacksmiths” (37:00)
  • “Where Do We Go From Here?” (41:10)
  • “4% Pantomime” (43:00)
  • “Shootout in China Town” (47:30)
  • “Moon Struck One” (52:00)
  • “Thinkin’ Out Loud” (55:45)
  • “Smoke Signal”(56:15)
  • “Volcano” (59:45)
  • “The River Hymn” (1:02:00)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving folks, we’ll be back for our encore: Rock of Ages. We’ll save The Last Waltz for another time. See you then!

Published by Daniel

Occasional writer, persistent nomad; restless, moving, changing. Currently in Portland, Oregon.

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