This podcast doesn’t exist in a vacuum. This podcast explores and celebrates those we lost in 2018. We had this idea in 2017 and recorded it, but it was so unwieldy that it’ll sit in the archives forever. We tried again, focused on the music, made a playlist, listened to it through the year, and got together in early December to talk about it.

Below is a bullet list of who we discuss. The qualifiers are either simple – like the instrument played, the band, whatever – or from the headline of The New York Times which I used as a baseline.

January (2:50)

  • Robert Mann, a Founder of the Juilliard Quartet (97)
  • Rick Hall, Architect of the Muscle Shoals Sound (85)
  • Ray Thomas, Moody Blues (76)
  • France Gall, French singer
  • Fast Eddie Clarke, Motorhead guitarist (67)
  • Denise LaSalle, singer (78)
  • Dolores O’Riordan, Cranberries (46)
  • Edwin Hawkins, Known for “Oh, Happy Day” (74)
  • Hugh Masekela, trumpeter (78)
  • Mark Smith, frontman of The Fall (60)

February (13:00)

  • Dennis Edwards, lead singer of The Temptations (74)
  • Mickey Jones, drummer and actor with Dylan (76)
  • Lovebug Starski, hip hop pioneer (57)
  • Johann Johannsson, Icelandic composer (48)
  • Vic Damone, crooner (89)
  • Barabara Ann Alston, The Crystals (74)

March (21:30)

  • Russ Solomon, founder of Tower Records (92)
  • Gary Burden, artist who covered California scene in 1970s (84)
  • Craig Mack, rapper (47)
  • Caleb Scofield, bassist for Cave-In, car crash (39)

April (27:30)

  • Cecil Tayor, pianist who defied jazz orthodoxy (89)
  • Avicii, electronic dance musician (28)
  • Bob Dorough, Schoolhouse Rock! composer (94)
  • Charles Neville, Neville brothers sax (79)

May (33:15)

  • Jabo Starks, James Brown drummer (79)
  • Scott Hutchison, lead singer of Frightened Rabbits (36)
  • Reggie Lucas, guitarist for Miles Davis to Madonna (65)
  • Glenn Snoddy, accidental inventor of fuzz tone (96)

June (38:30)

  • Eddy Clearwater, Chicago bluesman (83)
  • Clarence Fountain, led Blind Boys of Alabama (88)
  • Jon Hiseman, drummer of Colosseum, medled rock, jazz and blues (73)
  • Jalal Nuriddin, Last Poets and grandfather of hip hop (73)
  • D.J. Fontana, Elvis’s longtime drummer (87)
  • Yvette Horner, accordionist (95)
  • XXXTentacion, rapper accused of violent crimes, shot (20)
  • Jimmy Wopo, rapper killed in drive-by shooting (21)
  • Matt Murphy, blues guitarist (88)
  • Vinnie Paul, Pantera drummer (54)
  • David Bianco, producer of many including Bob Dylan (64)
  • Joe Jackson, Patriarch of the Jackson 5 (89)
  • Steve Soto, Agent Orange and Adolescents (54)

July (57:00)

  • Henry Butler, New Orleans jazz pianist (69)
  • Vince Martin, early folk-rock pioneer (81)
  • Adrian Cronauer, brought music to Vietnam, Good Morning, Vietnam subject (79)

August (59:00)

  • Ed King, guitarist for Lynyrd Skynyrd (68)
  • Tomasz Stanko, jazz trumpeter (76)
  • Lorrie Collins, rockabilly singer (76)
  • Jill Janus, lead singer of metal band Huntress (43)
  • Morgana King, jazz singer and Godfather actress (87)
  • Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul (76)

September (1:06:30)

  • Randy Weston, pianist who traced roots of jazz to Africa (92)
  • Mac Miller, rapper who wrestled with fame (26)
  • Rachid Taha, French singer of North African roots (59)
  • Big Jay McNeely, Pioneer of Rock with Huge Sax (91)
  • Marty Balin, lead singer of Jefferson Airplane (76)
  • Otis Rush, seminal Chicago blues guitarist (84)

October (1:13:30)

  • Charles Aznavour, French crooner (94)
  • Jerry Gonzalez, Latin jazz trumpet (69)
  • Geoff Emerick, recorded Beatles in prime (72)
  • Hamiet Bluiett (HAM-ee-et BLUE-it), baritone sax trailblazer (78)
  • Angela Maria, Brazilian singer (89)
  • Rico Puno, Soul Music Pioneer in the Philippines (65)

November (1:22:30)

  • Sonny Fortune, Saxophonist of Urgency and Grace (79)
  • Hardy Fox, of the Avant-Garde Band the Residents, Dies (73)
  • Tony Joe White, “Polk Salad Annie” singer (75)
  • Roy Hargrove, trumpeter (49)
  • Roy Clark, a Face of Country Music on ‘Hee Haw’ (85)
  • Wolfgang Zuckerman, Harpsichord Do It Yourself, Dies (96)

Closing thoughts (1:34:45)

We’ll pick up in December of 2018 next year. As we discuss on the show, this is meant for a celebration and exploration of the sheer diversity of sound and feeling out in the world. Below is our playlist featuring a song from each artist. See you in 2019.

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