Welcome to Sign on the Window, a weekly podcast from Daniel and Kelly on Bob Dylan. This isn’t a podcast on nostalgia or some jog around historical tombs, this is an attempt to listen (in this case) to a piece of art, let it into our lives for a week, and meet back together to talk about it. Because no art is made in a vacuum, we explore Dylan and his era and his life as well as our era and our lives. Oh, we have lots of fun too!

Because life is a simple twist of fate, we let the random gods decide which direction we will head in, by way of our extensive (if not exhaustive) list, and talk about it in depth – from initial reactions and historical context to musicality and lyrical verbosity – while talking about the life that each of us are leading. Our latest episodes are below:


Sign on the Window is a real podcast hosted by Daniel and Kelly that randomly selects a Bob Dylan song from a vast, if incomplete, spreadsheet. Each week, the two listen to the song, create a playlist around it, live their lives and come back to share their experience. Daniel, who has listened to Dylan for most of his life, often brings the context while Kelly, having heard roughly as many Dylan songs as whatever number episode they’re on. The conversations start with Bob but will often go to unexpected places.

Mixed Up Confusionwhich drops on Thursdays, are an effort to hem in the run-times of SotW. Each episode centers around the week’s playlist and recommendations but allows for all kinds of digressions.

The Supplemental Series comes out at least once a month and looks at other avenues of Dylan – bootlegs, movies, books, documentaries, his Theme Time Radio Hour, anything we can think of.

We are active on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. If you have question on literally anything, sotwpod@gmail.com is your friend. And if you want to give us some money, we’re on Patreon where you can get early and exclusive episodes.

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