Season 1 Episodes

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Below you can find all episodes from Season 1 and their corresponding show notes.

033: “I Shall Be Free”

“Burning telephone books, burning newspaper clippings. Huckleberry Finn hats”

This week we continue Woody Guthrie month with Dylan’s “I Shall Be Free” from his Freewheelin LP. We talk the talkin’ blues, dive into who’s who in Dylan’s 1962, and discuss just where this song came from and how it fits into our month.

032: “Song to Woody”

“This is both a funeral song as well as a love song, to Woody Guthrie.”

Welcome to Sign on the Window, where we take a random Bob Dylan song and listen to it for a week and report back. This week, we begin our month with Woody Guthrie with the only way we know how – 1962’s “Song to Woody.”

In this episode, we begin with some words about Tom Petty before talking abut the man, his impact on Bob, and just what constitutes hard travelin’.

031: “If Dogs Run Free”

“Scat doesn’t mean anything but just something to give a song a flavor.” – Jelly Roll Morton

This week, Daniel and Kelly discuss “If Dogs Run Free,” from 1970’s New Morning. They discuss variations and scat and how the words made them think of the transcendentalists and the Beats.

030: “Maybe Someday”

“Relentlessly repetitive”

This week, we celebrate 30 episodes by listening to a “song” from 1986’s Knocked Out Loaded. “Maybe Someday” isn’t good but we try our best.

029: “Seven Curses”

“For you this just a good time but for me this is what I call life.”

This week, (a sick) Daniel and Kelly talk one of Dylan’s prettiest tunes, “Seven Curses.” They talk Judy Collins, rhyme structures, the power of the number seven, and figure out how Kelly loved this song despite its lack of harmonica.

028: “4th Time Around”

The Saga of Joe South’s bass, or, The Exasperation of Bob Johnston.

Welcome to Episode 28 of Sign on the Window. This is a podcast where we randomly select a Bob Dylan song/album, listen to it for a week, live in its skin, and come back to talk about it. This week: “4th Time Around” from 1966’s Blonde on Blonde.

Daniel and Kelly talk the Beatles, Cutting Edge, Gia, relationships while avoiding the raining ash and fires just down the road from the Bunker.

027: John Wesley Harding

“Harmonica and bass.”

Welcome to Sign on the Window, the podcast where we randomly select a Dylan song (or in today’s case, album), listen to it, reckon with it, live with it and then talk about it. We look to build context but also allow the songs to live in present day.

This week, it’s 1967’s JOHN WESLEY HARDING. Daniel and Kelly present Moral Learning Corner, swoon over the harmonica and bass, and let a 50 year old album into their lives.

026: The Bootleg Series, Volume 5: Rolling Thunder Revue

“Intentional planned mania.”

Daniel and Kelly tackle Dylan’s 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue. They break down the tracks, what it was like to be at the shows themselves, and count the harmonica solos. The episode also features cuts from other Rolling Thunder performances, not just the ones captured on this Bootleg Series.

025: “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine”

Our 25th episode coincides with the 2017 Eclipse. Coincidence? You bet!

In the milestone episode, Daniel and Kelly talk “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine” off 1967’s John Wesley Harding. Come learn more about St. Augustine of Bob, St. Augustine of Hippo and St. Augustine of Florida than you ever needed to know.

024: “Dear Landlord”

Your rent is due!

This week, Daniel and Kelly look at 1967’s “Dear Landlord.” They delve into landlords themselves, into how this song operates, into the Han Dynasty! It’ll be great!

023: “Man Gave Names to All the Animals”

“Words I can hear, and remember, and sing back!”

This week, Daniel and Kelly listened to and now discuss “Man Gave Names to All the Animals,” off 1979’s Slow Train Coming. In addition to most of the episode being animal facts, they also didn’t really hate the song as much as it maybe begs for.

Gather up two of every bear, cow, bull, pig, sheep, snake?, legless lizard, orangutan, zebra, water buffalo, lemur, ibex and tapir, then meet us on the other side.

022: “Clothes Line Saga”

“Folk songs were the underground story. If someone were to ask what’s going on, ‘Mr. Garfield’s been shot down, laid down. Nothing you can do.’ That’s what’s going on. Nobody needed to ask who Mr. Garfield was, they just nodded, they just knew.” – Bob Dylan

This week Daniel and Kelly listened to “Clothes Line Saga” off the The Basement Tapes. They talked about the recording process, the history of laundry and how to connect with this classic in a present tense.

021: “Woogie Boogie”

“Hit that Boogie Woogie button!”

Join Daniel and Kelly as they talk, ever so briefly, about Bob Dylan’s instrumental from 1970’s Self Portrait, then at length about boogie-woogie music and artists.

020: “I Want You”

“These Songs are not meant to be understood, you understand. They are only meant to terrify & comfort.” – John Berryman

Today Kelly and Daniel talk “I Want You” from Dylan’s ’66 masterpiece, Blonde on Blonde. They talk poetry, interpretation, and different theories about the song, Kelly also seeks a unified theory of “I Want You” that has nothing to do with Game of Thrones.

019: “Little Maggie”

018: “Nobody ‘Cept You”

The Supplemental Series, Vol. 2: Theme Time, Dream Time

017: “Ring Them Bells”

016: “Hard Times in New York Town”

015: Dylan and the Dead

014: “Wallflower”

0013: “God Knows”

012: “Talkin’ John Birch Paranoid Blues”

The Supplemental Series, Vol. 1: No Direction Home

011: “Don’t You Try Me Now”

010: “Days of ’49”

009: “No Time to Think”

008: “King of France”

007: Triplicate

006: “Outlaw Blues”

005: Planet Waves

004: “Cold Irons Bound”

003: “Tangled Up in Blue”

002: “I Wanna Be Your Lover”

001: “Honest With Me”