Mixed Up Confusion

“This is where despair sets in and the wandering begins”

This week, we talk Woody Guthrie’s 1940 DUST BOWL BALLADS. We talk the Dust Bowl itself, family histories, and how Woody weaves ordinary tales throughout a tremendous historical event (and if that still resonates 70 years later).

Welcome to this week’s Mixed Up Confusion where we felt the need to explain our use of the Baha Men in our playlist, talk Tim Barry’s newest High on 95 (3:10) and do a retrospective on Queens of the Stone Age from their self-titled to Villains.

The triumphant return!

This week: recitations on iZombie, Brand New’s Science Fiction, and Against Me! in Portland this last week. Lots of music, lots of fun (but not for Daniel, who is still sick). Come join.

“Aegon. Oh, I hate it so much. It’s like naming two of your kids Jerry.”

This is it! Our final episode of our Game of Thrones coverage for this season. This episode is jammed pack with goodness.

Daniel makes up for lost time and delivers on Bob Dylan references he’s neglected all season (and sings a few songs, acappella for now but stay tuned!). They talk similarities with the season, writing oneself into a corner, how to punt a TV show into late 2018 while everyone flexes to everyone else and nothing happens (except for poor Thoros, who flexed to a dead bear), and discuss the difference between “Your Grace” and “My Lord.”

And they end the run with predictions and go on the record for what is likely to be an insane push to end. Hopefully we get WINDS in the interim.

Around the map: King’s Landing (5:45), Winterfell (30:30), Dragonstone (44:00), Sex Boat (45:40), The Wall and final thoughts and predictions (48:50).

“Getting rid of bullshit statues for losers is something everyone should get behind.”

This week, Daniel walks through – step-by-step – into how to feel about removing Confederate monuments (spoiler: feel good), the group talk about the playlist winding through Florida (19:00), get all of the Korn and Limp Bizkit out of our systems (30:00) and quick recommendations at the bitter end.

We’re not a recap podcast. We’re a map-based podcast.”

Daniel and Kelly swear a lot while talking Season 7’s penultimate “Beyond the Wall.” They try to solve Winterfellian puzzles, break Westerosi wheels, pen odes to scouts and scouting parties, and muse over existential questions, like “There is no time.” Oh, and we make our final predictions ahead of this season’s finale.

Around the map: Beyond the Wall Pt. 1 (2:30), Winterfell (12:50), Dragonstone (22:50), Beyond the Wall Pt. 2 (26:50), Dany’s boat (45:00) and Beyond the Wall Pt. 3 (47:50).

Kelly and Daniel begin with playlist talk: Arrested Development (1:55), Johnny Flynn (4:45), Gladys Knight and the Pips followed by Dead Kennedys (8:50). Rent Party: Sleater-Kinney, Bomb the Music Industry!, Rent (and a Mulan digression), Flatline Nizzy and Future, and Booker T. Jones.

And finish with their week’s recommendations (24:50): Kali Uchis “Por Vida” and what we consider an EP; Dear Landlord (30:30); SBTRKT (31:45); Ricky and Morty (38:10); and talk about the passing of Glen Campbell (39:20).

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“I’m tired of podcasting about the achievements of better men.”

This week, Daniel and Kelly tackle the divisive Episode 5, “Eastwatch.” They talk about how Jaime and Bronn set the tone for the episode, the Gendry in the room, just who do these meta jokes appeal to, and “what the fuck kind of a fucking plan are they fucking trying to pull of here.” All that and SO MUCH MORE.

Westeros flyover: Loot Train Aftermath (1:30), King’s Landing (7:15), Dragonstone (20:00), Winterfell (30:45), Old Town (39:10), Eastwatch (42:30).

“Talent borrows, genius steals.”

This week Daniel and Kelly dive into the playlist (2:00). They go deep on Savage Garden, Bear Vs. Shark, of Montreal, mewithoutYou, Rage and Tom Morello as a guitarist, Minus the Bear, Strung Out, Screaming Females, Cake, Baths, modern hip hop, The Hotelier and “Weathered,” and the Animals/Dylan/Dave van Ronk nexus — plus some bonus Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.

Then we look at our recommendations for the week (35:50): Arcade Fire as a total entity, Free Throw, and two interviews – Waxahathee at The Ringer and Billy Bragg on Fresh Air.

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“They say the North won’t accept a Southern Bob Dylan podcast… They will if their king does.”

This week, Daniel and Kelly talk Loot Trains, Bran as all-Brans (and maybe the Night King?), catspaws, the use of love as a the most effective war-time strategy, and Jon maybe losing King of the North in favor of King Beyond the Wall. But what does that mean when there is no wall? I think you know.

Opening credit flyover: Highgarden (5:00), King’s Landing (6:30), Winterfell (13:15), Dragonstone (29:20) and Loot Train Attack (42:00).

“Are you receiving my prayers through the noise and cosmic static?”

We went a bit long but there’s lots to talk about and lots of music to play. We dug into our week’s playlist, divided out by Clothes (3:00), Lines (10:10) and Sagas (18:13).

Then the stars aligned as Kelly got to nerd out on NIN’s Add Violence (31:25) and Daniel got to nerd out on Propagandhi’s latest track, “Victory Lap” (41:00). They close with Moodpaint and Yellow Straps (45:50) and Nicole Atkin’s Goodnight Rhonda Lee and the values of recording live (49:40).

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Let us commence Ellaria/Jaime Dungeon Watch 2017!

This week, Kelly and Daniel put Bob aside once again to talk Season 7, episode 3, “The Queen’s Justice.” They try to wrap their heads around what’s gotten into Littlefinger, Bran and Jaime. They pour out some poisoned wine for the Queen of Thorns. They muse on the epoch-defining first meeting between Dany and Jon, and how Dany, still playing Cersei’s old game, is unwittingly winning when she lets Jon get dat dragonglass! Stayed tuned to the end for a damn good prediction.

If you’re looking to go more regionally specific: Dragonstone (2:00), King’s Landing (15:00), Winterfell (22:00), Old Town (30:45), Casterly Rock (33:00), Highgarden (37:00).

On this short episode – as Episode 21’s “Woogie Boogie” essentially served as Mixed Up Confusion – we talk our recommendations, final thoughts on the week and talk Chester Bennington and the Queen on the Damned soundtrack.

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“Conquering Sign on the Window would be easy for you, but you are not here to be queen of the ashes.”

Welcome to Mixed Up Confusion’s Game of Thrones special, Episode 22b: “Stormborn.” In this episode Kelly and Daniel delve into Dragonstone (2:30), Winterfell (18:50), King’s Landing (33:25), Old Town (35:20), Arya’s journey (38:30) and the final ship battle (43:30).

This week, Daniel and Kelly deconstruct “I Want You” through other songs as well as get into Miles Davis and joke about the upcoming season of Game of Thrones taking over their life.

(Although it has, and Mixed Up Confusion 20b is a testament.)

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Three times longer than this week’s playlist Mixed Up Confusion, Kelly and Daniel go deep on the first episode of Game of Thrones’ 7th season, “Dragonstone.”

There is at least 1 Dylan reference, I promise. Next week there will be two. Game of Thrones has dragons, but we’ve got vague allusions to Robert Zimmerman.

This episode, we keep things lighter as we discuss, first and foremost, our “Little Maggie” playlist and how it informed the song we spent the week listening to. Then we talk Netflix’s GLOW, Mikey Erg’s Tentative Decisions and Rozwell Kid’s Precious Art.

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The inaugural episode of Mixed Up Confusion finds our heroes discussing The Internet, “Ego Death,” and how to approach art when the people making them (or associated with them) aren’t always the best. They also delve into this week’s playlist and talk music. They’re definitely a real podcast!

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