Band Month, Night 5 (Mixed Up Confusion) Mixed Up Confusion is our vehicle to discuss the culture that surrounds our weekly conversation about Bob Dylan. And because you’re here on Patreon, you’re getting this early! This is the fifth and final episode of November’s Band Month! It’s here, on Night 5, that The Band performs Rock of Ages! We talk context […]

057 – “Watching the River Flow”

Episode 57 “Watching the River Flow.” Blockhouse. Episode 4 of Sign on the Window Presents The Lazy River Funtime Slide into SummerRecorded June 10, 2018.  Context (3:40) Recorded at Blue Rock Studios in New York on March 16-18, 1971 (along with “When I Paint My Masterpiece”). With producer Leon Russell, Dylan was attempting to find a new sound after […]

014 – “Wallflower”

Episode 14. “Wallflower.” The Bootleg Series: Vol. 1-3. Bunker. June 1,  2017. “Wallflower” was recorded on November 4, 1971 in New York City. Clinton Heylin’s notes are worth quoting in full for this song (in Revolution in the Air): Evidently recorded as a potential B side to the ‘George Jackson’ single, nothing perhaps exemplifies the dearth […]