064 -“Hard Times”

Episode 64“Hard Times.” Good As I Been to You. Blockhouse. Recorded August 18, 2018.  Daniel returned from a week in Virginia after surprising his Mom for her birthday. He was ready to talk about “Hard Times” because, after a week of floating down the Shenandoah River and laughing at the Nazis that showed up in DC […]

019 – “Little Maggie”

Episode 19. “Little Maggie.” Good As I Been to You. Bunker. July 10,  2017. Olympic. Featured songs: “Little Maggie” (Dylan); “Little Maggie” (Ralph Stanley, Stanley Brothers, 1948); “Billy 1” (Bob Dylan); “Little Maggie” (Robert Plant); “21st Century Digital Boy” (Bad Religion); “Hurt” (Nine Inch Nails) In Bob’s ‘Letter to Dave Glover’ from the 1963 Newport Folk Festival program, he wrote: […]