076 – “Beyond Here Lies Nothin'”

Episode 76″Beyond Here Lies Nothin’.”Together Through Life.Blockhouse.Recorded January 27, 2019. https://open.spotify.com/episode/16EEKCSo6x3w7JzLZKha8d?si=xTVXktlpQPasyg0-PN3W7A Context Our first song from Together Through Life was released as the record’s lead single and was featured on HBO’s True Blood. It was nominated for a Grammy in Best Rock Vocal Performance. Dylan has performed the song 428 times from July 10, 2009 to June 17, 2017. Song […]

062 – “Dreamin’ of You”

Episode 62“Dreamin’ of You.”The Bootleg Series, Volume 8.The Backyard.#5 of Music Video Month 2018.Recorded July 22, 2018. Context (8:00) Recorded in the Time Out of Mind sessions and part of the original track list for the record, it was cut along with “Mississippi” and “Red River Shore.” Apparently, there are two versions of the song but may just […]

061 – “Things Have Changed”

Episode 61 “Things Have Changed.” Blockhouse. #4 of Music Video Month 2018.Recorded July 15, 2018.  There wasn’t any wasted effort on Time Out of Mind, and I don’t think there will be on any more of my records.Bob Dylan (1999) Context  Diverting from a tour with Paul Simon in July of 1999, Dylan dipping into the Sony Studios in New […]