Christmas in the Heart 2018

Second Annual Christmas in the Heart SpecialChristmas In the HeartBlockhouse.December 23, 2018 Kelly and Daniel begin the show with a few shoutouts to Josue, Gumshoe Andy, and Sam for the kind words this year (2:30) before getting to Christmas (9:00). Below are time stamps for each song covered: “Here Comes Santa Claus” (13:00)”Do You […]

064 -“Hard Times”

Episode 64“Hard Times.” Good As I Been to You. Blockhouse. Recorded August 18, 2018.  Daniel returned from a week in Virginia after surprising his Mom for her birthday. He was ready to talk about “Hard Times” because, after a week of floating down the Shenandoah River and laughing at the Nazis that showed up in DC […]

057 – “Watching the River Flow”

Episode 57 “Watching the River Flow.” Blockhouse. Episode 4 of Sign on the Window Presents The Lazy River Funtime Slide into SummerRecorded June 10, 2018.  Context (3:40) Recorded at Blue Rock Studios in New York on March 16-18, 1971 (along with “When I Paint My Masterpiece”). With producer Leon Russell, Dylan was attempting to find a new sound after […]

056 – “Spirit on the Water”

Episode 56 “Spirit on the Water.” Modern Times. Blockhouse. Episode 3 of Sign on the Window Presents The Lazy River Funtime Slide into SummerRecorded May 27, 2018.  Context (3:20) “Spirit on the Water” was recorded in February 2006 in Sony Recording Studios in New York City. It’s been played 547 times at the time of the recording and will surely […]

049 – “Odds and Ends”

Episode 49“Odds and Ends.” Basement Tapes. Bunker. Recorded March 1, 2018. Context (3:30) The song was recorded at Big Pink in Woodstock, New York in the summer of 1967. The reel of tape that includes “Odds and Ends” also has “Get Your Rocks Off,” “Clothes Line Saga” and “Apple Suckling Tree.” This song has never been played live. […]

048 – “What Good Am I?”

Episode 48. “What Good Am I?” Oh, Mercy. Bunker. Recorded February 22, 2018. Context (4:30) The song was written in the winter of 1988 while he searched for a melody into 1989 (March 7, March 29 and April 7, 1989). In Chronicles, Dylan said the song just came to him one night when he saw a homeless man. It’s […]

043 – “Sara”

Episode 43 “Sara” Desire. The Bootleg Series, Vol. 5: Rolling Thunder Revue. Bunker. Recorded January 18, 2018.  Context (6:00) “Sara” was recorded on July 31, 1975. The last of those 5 takes is on Desire. It is one of two songs for Desire not co-written with Jacques Levy (“One More Cup of Coffee” being the other). This is a […]

042 – “Born In Time”

Episode 42“Born in Time.” Under the Red Sky. The Bootleg Series, Vol. 8: Tell Tale Signs. Bunker. Recorded January 11, 2018.  Context (2:00) One of the two songs from the Oh, Mercy sessions that would be re-purposed for Under the Red Sky (the other was “God Knows”). Clinton Heylin, talking about the version released officially on The Bootleg Series, Volume […]

041 – “Pay in Blood”

Episode 41“Pay in Blood.” Tempest. Copenhagen 2017. Bunker. Record January 4, 2018.  Context (5:00) Recorded between January and March, 2012 at Jackson Browne’s Groove Masters Studios. This our first song off Dylan’s latest album, Tempest. When the album was initially announced, rumors spread of it being the final Dylan album, as The Tempest was Shakespeare’s final play. Dylan, naturally, […]

Christmas In the Heart 2017

Our first annual Christmas episode featuring Christmas in the Heart. It’s a new tradition to close out the season with and we use the moment to reflect on Season 1 and podcasting and where we want to go in the future. Below is our 2017 Christmas playlist, which will be unique every year. Below that will […]