025 – “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine”

Episode 25. “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine.” John Wesley Harding. August 17, 2017. Bunker. Rainier. “Harmonica Bob is back!” This song was recorded on October 17, 1967 for the first session of what would become John Wesley Harding. The song has only been played 39 times, as of this episode, and they sampled Dylan performing at Isle of Wight […]

024 – “Dear Landlord”

Episode 24. “Dear Landlord.” John Wesley Harding. August 10, 2017. The Bunker. Rainier. The song was recorded November 29, 1967, the final one of the main thrust of John Wesley Harding (“Down Along the Cove” and “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight” came later). The majority of the songs on JWH were written without music, and “Dear Landlord” is no different. The song […]

023 – “Man Gave Names to All the Animals”

Episode 23. “Man Gave Names to All the Animals.” Slow Train Coming. August 3, 2017. “Smoky Fiery Hellscape” Bunker. National IPA Day — Backwoods Brewing Company, from their Experimental Forest Series, the Scaler Single Hop… with passionfruit! Context (3:20): Recorded in six takes at Muscle Shoals in Sheffield, Alabama on May 4, 1979. According to backup […]

022 – “Clothes Line Saga”

  Episode 22. “Clothes Line Saga.” The Basement Tapes. Bunker. July 27,  2017. Rainier. Folk songs were the underground story. If someone were to ask what’s going on, ‘Mr. Garfield’s been shot down, laid down. Nothing you can do.’ That’s what’s going on. Nobody needed to ask who Mr. Garfield was, they just nodded, they just knew. – […]

020 – “I Want You”

Episode 20. “I Want You.” Blonde on Blonde. Budokan. Completely Unplugged. Cutting Edge. Bunker. New microphones. July 13,  2017. Outburst Citrus and Portland IPA. “I Want You” was recorded on March 10, 1966 (from three am to seven am) and was the last song recorded for Blonde on Blonde. Al Kooper noted, “nobody has ever captured the sound […]

019 – “Little Maggie”

Episode 19. “Little Maggie.” Good As I Been to You. Bunker. July 10,  2017. Olympic. Featured songs: “Little Maggie” (Dylan); “Little Maggie” (Ralph Stanley, Stanley Brothers, 1948); “Billy 1” (Bob Dylan); “Little Maggie” (Robert Plant); “21st Century Digital Boy” (Bad Religion); “Hurt” (Nine Inch Nails) In Bob’s ‘Letter to Dave Glover’ from the 1963 Newport Folk Festival program, he wrote: […]

018 – “Nobody ‘Cept You”

Episode 18. “Nobody ‘Cept You.” The Bootleg Series: Volume 1-3. June 29, 2017. Apartment. Rainier’s. “Nobody ‘Cept You” was recorded once in June 1973 at Ram’s Horn, then twice in November 1973 (one of those version gracing The Bootleg Series: Volume 1-3; one has Richard Manuel on drums, the other with Levon. To date, Bob has […]

The Supplemental Series, Vol. 2: Theme Time Dream Time

59 – “Dreams” Supplemental 002. Episode 59 of Theme Time Radio Hour.   Open with Dylan’s monologue around 5:00.      Talk about dreams my dream of drowning in the pier my dreams of life when I was 20 / and where I want to go ever had a lucid dream? sleep paralysis? Dylan and […]

017 – “Ring Them Bells”

Episode 17. “Ring Them Bells.” June 22, 2017. Apartment. Rainier. Boxer Ramen.  We listened the original cut from Oh, Mercy and the two featured on The Bootleg Series, Volume 8: Tell Tale Signs. The song was recorded (in one take) in March of 1989 in New Orleans. At the time of recording, it was only played 31 times (it’s […]

016 – “Hard Times in New York Town”

  Episode 16. “Hard Times in New York Town” and Dylan’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech. June 15, 2017. The Apartment. Rainier’s. To open (1:45), Kelly and I discuss the song. We listened to three versions – on from The Bootleg Series, Vol. 1-3, one from The Bootleg Series, Vol. 9: The Witmark Demos 1962-1964, and one from […]