072 – “Isis”

Episode 72“Isis.”Desire.Blockhouse.Recorded October 28, 2018. Context (3:25) Recorded in Columbia Studios over the evening of July 30/31, 1975. Labeled “Ices” on the recording sheet. It was written by Bob Dylan with Jacques Levy. Levy, in Isis magazine,  The only reason that ‘Isis’ was chosen as the song to work together on was that we were at my […]

046 – “Up to Me”

Episode 46. “Up to Me.” Biograph. Side Tracks. Bunker. Recorded February 8, 2018. Context (3:30) This song was recorded in A&R Studios in New York City on September 16, 1974 in one take and September 19, 1974 in seven takes. The song was sandwiched between “Simple Twist of Fate” and “Idiot Wind” so… read into that […]

043 – “Sara”

Episode 43 “Sara” Desire. The Bootleg Series, Vol. 5: Rolling Thunder Revue. Bunker. Recorded January 18, 2018.  Context (6:00) “Sara” was recorded on July 31, 1975. The last of those 5 takes is on Desire. It is one of two songs for Desire not co-written with Jacques Levy (“One More Cup of Coffee” being the other). This is a […]