073 – Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power)

Episode 73“Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power).”Street Legal.Blockhouse.Recorded October 28, 2018. Context (4:00) It was first recorded on December 26, 1977 at Rundown Studios with Dylan and Steven Soles on guitar and Rob Stoner on bass. It was recorded for Street Legal on April 26 and 28, 1978. Dylan and Soles remained with Jerry Scheff on bass, Ian Wallace […]

072 – “Isis”

Episode 72“Isis.”Desire.Blockhouse.Recorded October 28, 2018. Context (3:25) Recorded in Columbia Studios over the evening of July 30/31, 1975. Labeled “Ices” on the recording sheet. It was written by Bob Dylan with Jacques Levy. Levy, in Isis magazine,  The only reason that ‘Isis’ was chosen as the song to work together on was that we were at my […]

040 – “Ballad of Hollis Brown”

Episode 40. “Ballad of Hollis Brown.” The Times They Are A-Changin’. Live at Town Hall 1963. Bunker. Recorded November 30, 2017. Context The lyrics for “Ballad of Hollis Brown” were first published in Broadside #21. It was first recorded on November 14, 1962 during the Freewheelin’ sessions as “The Rise and Fall of Hollis Brown.” (It was recorded […]

029 – “Seven Curses”

Episode 29. “Seven Curses” Bootleg Series, Vol. 1-3. Bootleg Series, Vol. 9. New York Town Hall 1963. Bunker. September 15  2017. Rainier “Seven Curses” was first performed live on April 12, 1963 at Town Hall. It was recorded on August 6, 1963. It did not end up on Freewheelin’ or any other record, making its appearance on the first Bootleg […]