078 – “Girl From the North Country”

Episode 078″Girl From the North Country’.”Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. Nashville Skyline.Blockhouse.Recorded February 10, 2019. https://open.spotify.com/episode/7AQgTj3yUe6vDAq0pQOFXg?si=iDbJ3MPQTTic0zcwEd4-Tg Context Song Itself Does it work in 2019? The episode’s playlist  Welcome back to the playlist: Welcome for the first time: https://open.spotify.com/user/1219496309/playlist/087Lgeo6giWWgIVYo5msTf?si=T2DUEEIgSM6Kjh4LDBSwnQ Recommendations Endings Advertisements

072 – “Isis”

Episode 72“Isis.”Desire.Blockhouse.Recorded October 28, 2018. Context (3:25) Recorded in Columbia Studios over the evening of July 30/31, 1975. Labeled “Ices” on the recording sheet. It was written by Bob Dylan with Jacques Levy. Levy, in Isis magazine,  The only reason that ‘Isis’ was chosen as the song to work together on was that we were at my […]