059 – “Jokerman”

Episode 59 “Jokerman.” Blockhouse. Infidels. #2 of Music Video Month 2018.Recorded July 1, 2018.  It isn’t a sermon or a pop song but a real creation, a work you can wander inside, explore, breathe in, pass through, wrap around you. It looks different in different lights. It’s always shifting, but this is because it’s alive, not because it’s nebulous (though […]

056 – “Spirit on the Water”

Episode 56 “Spirit on the Water.” Modern Times. Blockhouse. Episode 3 of Sign on the Window Presents The Lazy River Funtime Slide into SummerRecorded May 27, 2018.  Context (3:20) “Spirit on the Water” was recorded in February 2006 in Sony Recording Studios in New York City. It’s been played 547 times at the time of the recording and will surely […]